Summer and Fall Cowley Camps

from Cowley Airstrip (CYYM)

Summer and Fall Cowley Camps

Alberta Soaring Council welcomes glider pilots to experience the thrill and magnificence of soaring out of the Cowley Airstrip..

Same time, every year!

Summer Camp: 10 days into the Heritage Day Monday

Fall Camp: 10 days into the Thanksgiving Monday

Registration Fee: $25

Aerotows: $35 + $15/1000'

Winch Launches: $12

2019 Dates:

Summer Camp - Saturday, July 27 - Monday, August 5

Fall Camp - Saturday, October 5 - Monday, October 14

Fly and learn from pilots ... thermal, ridge, wave.

See you at Cowley.

Camp Calendar
Date Time Event Notes
1st Saturday All Day Setup, assembly, registration Flying possible if coordinated
Sunday - Sunday 9:30/10am Pilots Meeting Highly recommended!
Flying Day
Holiday Monday 9:30/10am Pilot's Meeting
Flying Day
1500h+ De-rig, clean up Until next time!

Location & Landmarks

The Cowley Gliding Strip, other aerodromes, and local services.

Relevant Resources

Please check here for resources leading up to the event.